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Warning: the documents checked in column G express the ideology of the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi or show tolerance towards it.
Doc G Card Date Author Title Source
D 1021 17 décembre 1993 Marchal, Luc Procédure opérationnelle pour l'Etablissement de la zone de consignation d'armes de Kigali MINUAR
D T 6703 December 23, 1993 Leader, Joyce Critical Analysis Of Unamir's Phase 1 Operations US Embassy Kigali
D 900 13 janvier 1994 Kabiligi, Gratien Application des mesures de consignation des armes FAR
D 1022 March 30, 1994 Rwigamba, Andrew Letter to General Dallaire: Violation of KWSA by RGF FPR
D 944 April 6, 1994 Dallaire, Roméo Letter to Major General Paul Kagame - Subject: Heavy weapons inventory MINUAR

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