How to type ?

Typing in upper case or lower case gives the same result. The accents are ignored. Quiles is equivalent to Quilès.

Persons' name

They are written as : surname, given name.
In the rwandan case, they are written : rwandan_name, christian_name.
To query on authors, using the character * replaces any omitted characters. For example :
Quilès gives no answer
Quilès* gives answers because it equals Quilès, Paul
*Quentin* equals Saint-Quentin, Grégoire (de)


They are written with eight digits in the form yyyymmdd. For example : 19940407 for April 7, 1994.
The date may be right-truncated. For example : Begin date = 1994041, End date = (nothing) selects dates between April 10, 1994 and April 19, 1994.
If begin date and end date are truncated they must have the same length.
For example Begin date = 1990, End date = 1994 selects documents with date between 19900000 and 19940000.

Dropdown menus

Typing the first characters of a word position in the list on a word which begins with that characters.

Searching anywhere

Entering one or two words word1 and word2.
The truncation character '*' is not accepted here.
Documents with word1 AND word2 in any field are selected.

Searching on several fields

You can choose several conditions on specified fields. These conditions are linked by a logical AND. For example, if you choose :
Author = Quilès*, Begin date = 1998
are selected all documents with author = Quilès,Paul AND date = 1998.
The more conditions are chosen the less documents are selected.
If you choose Type = photo, you obtain a list of pictures.

Results of a query

In column Doc at the left appear codes :

The column Doc gives access to the document.

The column Card gives access to the index-card of the document (or author entry).

The column Date gives access to the document and the index-card together.


fgtquery v.1.9, February 9, 2024