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Warning: the documents checked in column G express the ideology of the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi or show tolerance towards it.
Doc G Card Date Author Title Source
D 19600 August 1, 1962 Central Intelligence Bulletin [Rwanda: Belgium troops to be withdrawn soon] CIA
D 19602 November 9, 1967 Weekly Summary [Mercenaries leave the Congo (Kinshasa)] CIA
D 19601 November 17, 1967 Central Intelligence Bulletin [New snags are delaying evacuation of mercenaries and Katangans from Rwanda] CIA
D 19603 May 19, 1979 National Intelligence Daily [France: Franco-African Conference in Rwanda] CIA
D T 19599 17 January 1986 European Review [French-German Eurocopter agreement with three version helicopter, one of which equiped with air-to-air Mistral] CIA
D T 19604 April 28, 1994 Memorandum - Subject: The Massacres in Rwanda CIA
D T 30849 July 13, 1994 Rwanda: Security Conditions at Kigali Airport CIA

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